Arturo B. is an Italian gentleman about 6 feet tall, with brown hair and dark eyes, 37 years old. Neverthless, you would easily recognize him in any situation, everywhere. Business meetings, galas, informal parties on a yacht or in the countryside. Why? Because of his incomparable style. Not classic, not aggressive, neither eccentric.

Just the A.B. unmistakable style. “Every outfit choice starts from the shoe’s selection”, quote by Arturo B.

It’s December and this for Arturo B. - Architect, Professor and, above all, Gentleman - means he has to manage a very busy schedule, jumping from a company after hour to a dinner with his University’s fellows. The first event is set for the 5th of December, at Officine Riunite Milanesi.

Mr A.B. has no hesitation when it comes to choose the shoes to wear: Aldo Bruè's nabuk loafers in dark brown leather. To Arturo B., this seems the perfect match for the Officine’s mood: soft lighting, 1920’s decor and state of art cocktails. Focusing back up on the footwear, comfy and elegant, not too formal neither informal, our gentleman will have to wisely select an outfit able to value the daily shoes. Grey flannel trousers, light blue shirt and a dark blue blazer. And, by the way, every piece is custom made by a trusted tailor. Moreover, how could a man so attached to quality clothings - better if Made in Italy - neglect the details?

Arturo sips Negroni while entertaining the people around with his usual charme and savoir-faire. Invented in Florence by Conte Camillo Negroni in the early ’20, the Negroni is by far Mr. B’s favorite drink. Bitter Campani, Vermouth Antica Formula, Gin Sabatini (from Tuscany) and Chinotto Quaglia. Italian spirits only, no exceptions, the Officine’s way. The final product has an incredible chromatic similarity with the Aldo Bruè’s loafer worn by Arturo. Would you dare to call it a coincidence?