Arturo B. is an Italian gentleman about 6 feet tall, with brown hair and dark eyes, 37 years old. Neverthless, you would easily recognize him in any situation, everywhere. Business meetings, galas, informal parties on a yacht or in the countryside. Why? Because of his incomparable style. Not classic, not aggressive, neither eccentric.

Just the A.B. unmistakable style.

“Every outfit choice starts from the shoe’s selection”, quote by Arturo B.

Fall in Italy means grape harvest and the Arturo’s family still owns a little piece of land fully covered by vineyards. His father, now retired, is taking care of the grapes from which he makes a deep and intense Piceno red, a quality of wine typical of the Marche’s hills. Mr B., a renowned Architect and also a University Professor, has invited a few of his colleagues for a walk around the vineyards followed by a delicious Italian lunch.

The perfect situation for Arturo B. to rock his loyal Aldo Bruè Ankle Boots, entirely made of top grade nappa leather, in a classic brown coloring. The same color of the leafs fell on the muddy ground. The AB boots are waterproof and extremely light at the same time, to make it easier to go up and down on the Italian hills or in those rainy days spent walking on the sidewalks of your city. The Aldo Bruè’s Ankle Boots will last long and help you walk through difficult time thanks to their flexy and strong rubber sole. Every single part of this ankle boots is 100% made in Italy, just like the homemade “fettuccine al ragù” served by Arturo Briganti to his guests.